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Writer & Marketeer

I transform experiences into lessons.

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I am a Peruvian mom of two with twenty years of working and thinking about marketing. A few years ago, I became a writer hoping to share and connect through emotions, embracing who we are. I am so happy and thankful.

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Education & Experience


Psychology, 2023.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada.

Bachelor of Marketing, 2012.

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Peru.

MBA, 2015.

EADA Business School, Spain - Centrum PUCP, Peru.


Brand & Campaign Manager

Ieduca - Educational Group, Peru. (2020-2022)

Marketing Deputy Manager

Toulouse Lautrec - Creative Business School, Peru. (2018-2020)

Senior Marketing Chief Officer

Toulouse Lautrec - Creative Business School, Peru.(2015-2018)


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What i can do

Services Offered


Books that seek to connect and add value to people's lives through #SelfAwareness #LoveYourSelf

Seminars & Workshops

Spaces that promote

self-awareness and wellness in your life.


Strategy, creative solutions and passion to design campaigns that leave a mark in the market.

What i've done so far

My books

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Emila's Diary, 2019

Emilia's Notebook, 2020

What we have learned in the Pandemic, 2021

Cata & Balta Adventures, 2022

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Emilia's diary

The girl I was

Novel - 2019.

Emilia writes about the search for love, the meaning of family and friends, and the mysteries behind sexuality. She writes about the joyful and saddest moments while growing up. Through these stories, Emilia seeks to understand the world surrounding her, and, at the same time, she begins the long process of accepting and embracing who she is.

This book, designed for girls of all ages, seeks personal reflection and expression through authentic and identifiable stories to share, connect and heal.

Emilia's Notebook

Activity book - 2020.

An activity notebook that encourages and promotes personal self-awareness.

Now the protagonist is the reader. In this booklet, you will find educational games, drawings to colour and relax, specialist psychology tips, a directory of contacts in case of violence against women, music to inspire you every day, and more resources to keep discovering and embracing yourself.

In collaboration with Folkanica and Diana Gutierrez.

What we have learned

in the pandemic

Colour & Reflection book - 2021.

A block to colour and reflect on all the learning that we have had to experience in recent years -and that we must not forget.

The book includes:

  • 17 illustrations with reflections.
  • A special space to write your thoughts and your own reflections.
  • A super inspiring playlist, to fulfill this experience.

In collaboration with Peiperjart.

cata & balta adventures

Children book - 2022.

A storybook of siblings for the little ones at home that promotes #SelfLove and #familyValues.

The book includes:

  • Creative and touching stories.
  • A section for the parents with psychological advice from a professional.
  • And for the whole family, it has play game ideas, a motivational playlist, and lovely drawings.

In collaboration with Silvana Arditto.

What they say...

"This book came into my life when I most needed to overcome my insecurities, leave the past behind and above all live every minute to the fullest, without fear.


“One of the best books I have ever read, full of stories with which I identified a lot”


"You don't know how Emilia's Little Notebook helped me.

It was my best therapy."


"I loved it, I felt identified, and that made me feel more normal. Thank you for seeking to break taboos.


"You made me relive many of your experiences... speaks a sincere heart that seeks to help more women."


"With all my heart, thank you for writing and sending a message of love and respect."


“A close story that reaches the heart for what is real and human. You laugh, cry and feel with each story. Music is a plus to embrace your life with all your soul."


"It is one of those books that makes you smile, drop you some tears and fills your soul. Highly recommended”.


What I want to keep sharing

Seminars & Workshops

A healthy space to keep learning and connect with yourself through self-awareness, shared reflection, and writing activities.

My next workshops are:

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